Dr. Julie Ball

Dr. Julie Ball


Dr. J. BallDr. Ball is regarded as one of the top saltwater anglers on the East Coast, and continues to push the limit with her angling achievements.

She has been a passionate angler her entire life, learning as a child from her mother growing up in Pensacola, Florida. After moving to Virginia, she learned of the vast fishing opportunities in the region, and quickly became known as one of the best anglers anywhere.
Julie began earning her position within the saltwater fishing community by mating on charter boats, working in tackle shops, and organizing tournaments and fishing events.

Dr. Ball  has now earned the Top Angler awards in the State and is ranked internationally as the 3rd top female World Record Angler for 2007 and the 6th top female World Record Fly Angler for 2008. She has also prevailed in many fishing tournaments, filmed fishing shows, caught multiple World Records, and won International angling awards, thus earning many sponsorships and Pro staff positions within the industry. As the International Game Fish Association Representative for the Tidewater Virginia area, she is active within the local and international fishing community, and promotes conservation and ethical sport fishing.

In 1996, Dr. Ball became the first woman to earn Expert Level Angler status from the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament. Since then, she has continued to achieve Expert Angler standing, and recently earned the esteemed Level VII Master Angler status with over 150 trophy fish. She has achieved the top Angler position in Virginia for the last five years, and has earned citations for over 40 different species of fresh and saltwater fish. In 2004, she landed the largest tautog ever caught by a female angler at 22-pounds 9-ounces, and currently holds thirteen IGFA World Records, including an All-Tackle World Record for a blueline tilefish.

Considered a saltwater angling expert, Dr. Ball is sought after and respected for sharing her knowledge through her informative fishing seminars, magazine articles, and appearances on radio and television. Dr. Ball has been featured in many magazines, advertisements, videos and television and radio projects. In her spare time she enjoys teaching others her angling passions, writes a fishing column for several newspapers and publications, writes respected articles for various outdoor magazines, volunteers for children’s and women’s charity fishing events, and presents seminars all along the Coast. Julie is also an active member of the International Women’s Fishing Association.



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